Questar Solar Filter

questar-7In the more than 300 years that men have tried to study the surface of the sun, no one thought to keep the excessive heat from entering the telescope where it distorted optics and endangered the eye. It remained for Questar to invent an external filter which passes only 17 millionths of the sun’s light and keeps harmful rays outside the telescope.
Shown in its walnut case and on the telescope is the full-aperture filter-5 times brighter for high-power work than the 1.5″ included with the telescope, with more than double the resolving power. Incredible parallelism is required of these glass disks to pass our resolution test before coating. 3.5″ aperture filter is standard equipment with fully-mounted Seven, and a fullaparture filter is available also.

RIGHT. Folding Pier showing the Questar 7 mounted on the polar equatorial cradle which glides smoothly to adjust,

Questar’s commitment to quality which has built its world-wide reputation, is immediately apparent in the superb resolution of the Questar 7 and its mechanical perfection. Those who want more aperture than the 31/2-inch Questar provides, marvel at the performance of the Seven which easily doubles that of its smaller parent.

The Seven, like the Standard 31/2, is a fully-mounted astronomical telescope that is completely portable. You can use it on a table with its own polar equatorial support, or with Questar’s Folding

The Questar 7, adhering to the same high standards, delivers twice the resolution with four times the light grasp, while retaining the convenience and versatility of the Questar 31/2.

The Folding Pier is the most luxurious support ever devised for a telescope of large aperture, and is usable from either seated or standing position. Its weight is only 37 pounds complete with the supporting cradle that holds the telescope, regardless of your latitude, so that the centre of gravity is always over the centre of the tripod.