We keep trying to please Questar customers by finding even more convenient forms for this superfine portable telescope. duplex-1Our photographer friends wanted an unmounted barrel-a minimum instrument that they could carry easily into the field, and this led to the development of the Field Model. The astronomers want the fully-mounted equatorial Standard Questar
with its smooth controls and built-in synchronous drive. But sometimes they wish they also had the lighter Field Model just to carry with them for terrestrial observation and photography.

So here is everything in one instrument-a fully mounted telescope, yet it separates into two parts with the turn of a knurled knob. This provides the all-round hobbyist with the lighter Field Model for terrestrial observation and photography, but permits him to have a complete, portable observatory when he wishes it.
When both parts are joined together, the Duplex operates with the rock-like steadiness of the Standard Questar, and weighs only slightly more. It travels in a beautifully designed case, and the Field Model case is available separately, if desired.