At a working distance greater than a few millimetres, no optic will match the resolving power and magnification of Questar's Long Distance Microscopes. Questar is the pioneer of long distance microscopy and stand-alone, non-contact optical measurement systems. In the past ten years, Questar's microscopes and measurement systems have received two "IR 100" awards and a Photonics "Circle of Excellence" award.

Questar's microscopes are  manufactured with hand-figured, matched optics, using the same care that are put into the space-qualified telescopes.

Although each instrument differs in working distance, magnification, resolution and depth of field, features common to all models include:
•  Two selectable ports allow the simultaneous mounting of two detectors, or an eyepiece and camera.
•  The close working instruments have an integrated beamsplitter which allows for coaxial illumination. No external parts move when focusing.
•  Each is equipped with eyepiece and C-mount, and compatible with 35 mm SLR's.
•  All are compatible with Questar's mounting accessories.
•  All are supplied with supplemental optics which give an 8 to 1 variation in field of view and depth of field at a fixed working distance.
•  All are available in a motorised, microprocessor controlled, variable magnification version.

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