The QM 1 was the first of the Long Distance Microscopes.
It has a working range of 55 cm to 1.7 meters and remarkable depth of field,QM1-long-mount linearity and chromatic 
correction. The QM 1 is an indispensable tool for a wide variety of laboratory and industrial uses.  It is provided with either a tripod mount or a heavier full barrel mount.

•  55 cm to 1.7 metre working distance.
•  0.9 to 15 mm field of view (2/13 “format).
•  Resolves 2.7 micron separation. Distortion /part in 15,000 edge to edge

Download – QM 1 Short Mount (#30001) spec.pdf

Download – QM1 – MK111-33002-spec-sheet.pdf